With our friend Flabby Hoffman!

10480106_1454740341471351_8342089261243904937_oFlabby Hoffman’s Radio Extravagonzo. It’s brilliant. It’s mad. It’s the Loose Chicks’ favorite radio show.

We love when Flabby invites us into the studio to kibbitz about everything between the gutter and the stars.

Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm – 4:00pm on 1680am in Chicago
Or Stream online at Q4 Radio

Check out some past shows with the Chicks:

Episode 10
If you listen to only one podcast of an underground radio show featuring scads of guests with gorgeous brains and sexy boots….make it The Flabby Hoffman Radio Extravagonzo. Now available in the convenient one pack.

Loose Chick: Roberta Miles

Episode 20
…Oh there would and could still be greatness, but the gloves came off from this point…and so did the masks. There would not be the same form of optimism again…

Loose Chicks: Roberta Miles, Jillian Erickson, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, Valentine Soposky

Episode 29
When the world returns to some level of sanity and the fearful reaction to the information age of the oligarchs has run its course, we shall either be living in caves and grunting out noises in praise of the fireball in the sky, or enlightened living lives in the pursuit of the greatest level of equity and freedom from oppression possible…

Loose Chicks: Roberta Miles, Jillian Erickson, Lindsay Porter, Eileen Tull